welcome to the Emily Rachel Gilley blog

5 Jul

Welcome to my new personal blog! I will try to make it back here as often as possible to update; however, I am really quite busy! Hopefully I can keep this place updated with my thoughts on the medical transcription industry and keep you all posted as I work, blog, try to learn some photography, etc.

First, a brief introduction. My name is Emily Rachel Gilley and I am a medical transcriptionist. I originally got into this field because I was caring for a sick parent and felt that I should work from home in order to be close to them. Many people who get into this field are parents and enjoy working from home so they can keep an eye on small children. This job is great for this, if you can manage your time and the distractions that come along with working from home around small children (and in my case, pets!).
Many people ask me how to get into the field and if it is possible to make good money. The long and short of it is, you must go to an AHDI approved school and get your certificate before the vast majority of companies will even look at you as a possible hire. It is a good idea to get credentialed as either a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (this is what I am) or Certified Medical Transcriptionist (you can sit for this exam after 2 years of clinical experience). I found that once I got my RMT, it was easier to get my foot in the door; however as a “newbie,” it is still quite difficult to get hired, although it is certainly possible! I will certainly help any of you that have questions about getting that experience that employers are looking for.
The other thing to be aware of is that most work-at-home MT positions hire as independent contractors, not employees. This means filing your own taxes and either going without health insurance or buying your own (this is much more costly than having a group plan through an employer). There are some employee positions with benefits out there, but the vast majority of jobs are contractor positions.
I do love doing medical transcription and I’m currently working full-time in an employee position.
Feel free to ask questions!

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